Please contact me if you would like to purchase one of my mosaic pieces or if you have any questions. I live in Santa Barbara, California and can make a site visit if you are in the area. Contact me at (805) 687-8033 or email me at

Many of my works can also be purchased through Etsy at

And I would love to create a special mosaic piece just for you. Working from ideas with your photographs or sketches can be the start of our conversation. The price is based on the complexity of the design, framing, materials used and schedule for completion.

Contact me with your ideas, and we can begin to plan your mosaic artwork. I can send you a sketch of my idea for your mosaic. Once you've approved the sketch and we have worked out the materials, framing, mirror placement (if required), etc., I will give you the price and shipping date.

Payment can be made in two parts; half when the piece is commissioned and half when the piece is done and ready to ship. I will let you know the price of shipping at that time. Currently I only except cash, check or Paypal.

I look forward to an enjoyable experience working with you.

Gazebo Plants and Flowers
Gazebo Plants and Flowers
Montecito, California
Flower Heart Mirror